What is the Image Forum?

The Image Forum is an association of representatives from a broad range of industry companies and professions; its function is to address issues relating to the image quality of both British and international feature film and television productions. Though several of them compete directly with each other in day-to-day business, the forum members come together out of a shared belief that the entire industry will benefit from a greater degree of clarity on various technical subjects.

The Image Forum Website – Launch date 1st May 2010

The members of the forum have launched a reference site with the goals of disseminating information and making the combined knowledge of members openly available. The Image Forum will conduct tests to establish how new workflows combining analogue and digital processes can maximise the choice of tools available to film and programme makers without undermining final output quality. It will also support other companies and organisations undertaking similar evaluations, such as the BSC, by making the results accessible and understandable to as wide an audience as possible.

The new website will list technical data and industry tests, it does not give an opinion or an outcome of data provided or tests carried out. The information is there to inform and help you make your own technical and creative choices



“The Image Forum gives the industry a platform to have a collective voice. It will benefit us all to exchange information to dispel the confusion and hype we all live with. The cinematographer is not just a technician but is, to coin the old phrase, an artist "painting with light" and long may that continue in the most creative way possible, with all the tools at his disposal, and a choice of "image acquisition."
Director of Photography, Sue Gibson BSC, President of the BSC
“The impact of this issue is felt all the way through to post production. Post facilities strive to equip for every option, but with over 11 different acquisition formats, it is all too easy to decide to shoot on something that may ultimately create a stressful workflow that jeopardises the budget or compromises the value of the finished asset.”
Shane Warden, Managing Director, Pepper Post
“With the myriad of camera types and the different ways they can be used, we see from the numbers of calls we get and the visits to our facility how confusing it can be for producers, directors, DoPs & assistants. Having a central, neutral source of information can go some way to providing qualitative information without feeling pressured or facing a particular bias.”
Jeff Allen, Managing Director, Panavision
“With technology moving at such a swift pace, it is becoming increasingly difficult for film and programme makers to navigate their way through all the messages that are communicated to them on a daily basis. The members of the Image Forum form a highly motivated team of industry professionals working to give a clear, balanced, unbiased view, and membership numbers are growing by the day.”
Judith Petty, Head of Corporate Marketing, ARRI
“In the face of all the technological changes and challenges producers and DoPs have to deal with both artistically and financially, it is really important that - separate from the various communications and myths we read and hear every day - a group of film industry companies and professionals takes time to provide clear, balanced information”.
Thierry Perronnet, EAMER Marketing Director, Kodak